Tungsten disulfide is an inorganic chemical compound composed of tungsten and sulfur with the chemical formula WS2.

Basic Information:
Name: Tungsten Disulfide
CAS: 12138-09-9
Molecular Weight:247.97
Appearance: Grey Powder
Solubility: Stable in the air, insoluble in water, alcohol, dilute nitric acid and sulfuric acid.

Pyrolysis temperature of WS2 in the air:
Stable: T≤250℃
Less Stable: 250℃< T ≤300℃
Unstable: T>300℃

Below are the three different methods for producing tungsten disulfide, and different methods will generate tungsten disulfide with different crystal form.
Method 1. Directly synthesized with W and S in the atmosphere of pure nitrogen under 800~900℃, it will obtain hexagonal type of β-WS2;
Method 2. Inlet the vapor sulfur into tungsten trioxide (WO3) under the temperature of 1400℃, orthorhombicα-WS2 will be generated, the equation is: 2WO3+4S→2WS2+3O2
Method 3. Decomposition of WS3.

Applications of WS2:
1.High-grade carbon brush wear-resistant lubricant.
2.Lubricating agents in solid lubricants.
3.For the production of self-lubricating parts and PTFE and nylon and other materials.
4.Solid anti-friction coating.